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Regina Freitag
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Curriculum Vitae


Regina Freitag



1972    born in Ludwigshafen/ Germany


1988    Secondary school level 1 certificate: 

            Staatliche Realschule Hassloch/ Germany


1991    Diploma from German secondary school qualifying

            for university admission: Kurfürst-Ruprecht-Gymnasium

            Neustadt/ Weinstr./ Germany 

1994    Completion of apprenticeship as certified merchant in      

            the wholesale and export trade 

            Company: Franz Hopp GmbH Geinsheim/ Germany


1994    Winter term: start of studies in Applied Linguistics and

            Cultural Studies

             (in particular translation studies in English and Italian,

              additional subject economics)

             at Johannes-Gutenberg-University of Mainz


1997     Summer term: intermediate examination, overall average

             grade: 2,3


1997     Studies abroad in the United Kingdom (6 months)

             at Manchester Metropolitan University


1999     All credits aquired (including those of interpreting courses

             and seminars)

             Start to work on thesis


1999     Sudden nursing case in the family, involuntary interruption

             of studies, but continuing preparation for university

             graduation; first translation assignments;

             employment in call center of private ads paper: Quoka-

             Verlag Lampertheim/ Ger.


2003     Graduation as foreign language correspondent

             at Chamber of Commerce, Wiesbaden/ Germany


2004     End of home care for family member


2004     Winter term: return to studies


2006     Summer term: graduation at Johannes-Gutenberg-

             University of Mainz/ Germany:

             Diploma as certified translator for English and Italian,

             Overall average grade: 2,6; Overall average grade in

             English: 2,3


From 2006:  Work as freelance translator for private customers and

                    outsourcing agencies 


August 2007: Employment at translation agency in England

                    and freelance translations

May 2009: Voice Over Diploma at London Academy of Film,

                  Media & TV and since then also voice over jobs

                  alongside translation assignments. Listed on


Jan 2011: Back to Germany, employment at translation agency in Cologne

since 2012: working fully freelance, offering translation, localisation, editing, voice-over services